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Members Area Login Help

Before you can use the JBA Owners Club Members Area you must first register with the website. Once you have registered you will be sent an email containing your personal UserName and Password.

Until you have registered you will not be able to access the members area.

To Register send an email to website@jbaoc.org.uk quoting your Full Name and JBAOC Membership Number.


Things to check first :-

1. Have you registered? If not, follow the instructions above.
2. Have you got [CAPS LOCK] on. The UserName and Password are case sensitive.
3. Check the spelling of your UserName and Password against the registration email we originally sent you.

If you are still having problems:-

Send an email to website@jbaoc.org.uk quoting your Full Name, JBA Owners Club Membership Number, Computer Operating System (i.e. WindowsXP) and Internet Browser Name and Version (i.e. Internet Explorer Version 8). This will allow us to simulate your problem and advise a course of action to gain access.

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