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How to Access the JBA Owners Club Members Forum


Important Information for First Time Users

Have you registered for The Members Forum. Before you can access the Members Forum, we need to create a forum account for you. To do this please send an email to forum@jbaoc.org.uk and include your Full Name, preferred Username and your JBAOC Membership Number. Shortly afterwards we will email your login instructions to allow you into the forum where a warm welcome awaits. Once there, you can go to your profile and choose the name you wish to appear on the forum and also change your password to a secret personal one.

The forum offers:

  • Help from other members
  • Configurable member profiles.
  • Attachment of images and documemnts to posts.
  • Individual member's on-line status display.
  • Search facility.
  • Personalized member picture/avatar.
  • Multiple posting catagories.

If you encounter any problems with forum registration please email them to forum@jbaoc.org.uk

Existing Forum Members ENTER HERE


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